Art Exhibition

Hello Everyone. 

We have moved!!!!!

We are now located in a gorgeous new school on Meiji Dori near to Shinjuku Park. The view is very nice as we are on the 8th floor, and we are getting used to the new surroundings. 

The transition to the new school went very smoothly and we have been able to continue lessons with almost no problems. The computer room is bigger with more computers, and all the classrooms and the office are closer together which is nice. 

Regarding lessons, E class recently did an interesting series of lessons on classical and modern art. Firstly, students worked on note-taking skills while listening to a lecture on the differences between classical art, and representational and non respresentational modern art. Having studied the differences and looked at some examples, the students then researched a famous piece of abstract art. They were to explain the type of art, as well as the history and background of the piece. 

As you can see from the photos, the students then printed up their pieces of work and pinned them up around the room. 

After that, the students worked in pairs with one student acting much like a guide in an art gallery. 

In fact, the atmosphere of the room became like an art gallery, and the students really enjoyed the experience of teaching and learning about famous works of art. 

The pictures chosen were really interesting and the students did an amazing job of explaining their favorite piece of art. Well done E class. 


Coming to the End


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