Human Chairs

Hello everyone. 

We are just about halfway through the semester and the students are well in the swing of things. 

Recently, we have been doing a lot of process presentations, so here are some examples of the kinds of presentations that the E and the F class have been doing. 

This student explained some simple and effective self defence moves that a student may be able to use without extensive practice. His assistant also did an excellent job.

In the following picture, you can see a student explaining the process of folding a T-shirt in a professional way. We all got chance to try it out. It was amazingly simple and effective. 

In the E class, one student did a presentation about how to create a traditional Japanese decoration for a congratulations card, to be given at a wedding, for example. 

This picture shows the first step. 

The decoration is usually made with a bendable wire, but for the explanation the student decided to use thread. After creating this shape, the thread is folded and tied, and finally becomes a beautiful decoration. 

Finally, the students did a "team-building" activity where they were all to rely on each other. 

The girl standing was the presenter and she had everyone sit in a circle to start. 

Following that, the students lay back and put their heads and shoulders on the next person's knees. 

She then started to take away the chairs. 

Unfortunately, this didn't work so well with the group of 6, so we tried with a group of 3. 

They did it!!! 

The boys all supported one another with no chairs. It was really impressive and great fun, as well as being a great tension breaker. Why don't you try this one with your friends sometime.

That's all for now, have a great week. 




春学期もMid Term Examも終わり、残り4週間となりました!