Future Biology, Science or Medical Majors

Hi everyone,

We hope that you are all well.

This blog will be a quick update of information about the classes, but the majority will be most interesting for students who are interested in biology, medicine or a science major such as medical engineering.

Last week, the E class had one of their main debates. The students were divided into groups and had to research both sides of their argument. The topics were: Zoos have a positive impact on animals, raising animals for food is acceptable, using animals to test medicine should not be allowed, and hunting should be banned. On the day of the debate, the teacher decided which side each team would argue for. There was a really good balance of opinions, so it was not easy to decide a clear winner for the debates. They also spent the last week learning how to research and properly cite their sources in the essay class. There are a lot of rules to remember, but the students know that it will help them when they go abroad. 

The most interesting activity this week was in our biology class. The students were given a chance to see in detail the inner workings of the heart. They were able to dissect a pig heart, which is almost the same size as a human's. If you are interested in biology or medicine, this is just one of the dissections. Students also get a chance to dissect a brain, eyes and a fetal pig for their final exam. The pictures may be too graphic for some, but it is a good chance to look at internal organs up close.

First off, students filled out a detailed diagram of the heart on paper and then they got a briefing on the tools and the safety equipment.

The tools from left to right are: spatula, scalpel, forceps

After that, the students began the dissection.

We hope that more students are interested in studying biology next year and try their own dissections.

On a lighter note, here is a photo of the F class studying very hard in the computer room.

Have a great week and see you next time!!!



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