Astronomy Experiments

Peter Van de Veire

Hello. Some of the students in the highest level class are taking college courses this semester. One of the courses we are offering this year is Astronomy. In the astronomy class, the students sometimes have labs. That means that they do experiments and other hands-on activities. Here are some pictures from some of the labs they have had. These labs were all related to light.

In this lab, the students are learning about scattering and diffraction.

The students are taking part in a spectroscopy lab. Students look at gas tubes. The gas is excited, and they determine what the gas is by looking at the spectrum through a spectroscope. This one is mercury.

They did this to learn about the behavior of light and the interaction of light and matter. This one is hydrogen.

They were doing this lab to learn about stellar spectra. That is the spectra of stars. The red ones are neon.

Scientists can use this information to know more about stars. They can learn about the surface temperature of stars using this type of information.


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