Amazing Presentations

Hello everyone! What fun class is this?

Last week, the F class had to bring in an item to talk about and explain why it was important for them. They also received a treat as the teacher also presented a speech about his new drone. The students got a chance to fly it, and a few of them did quite well controlling it. The students talked about their possessions as well. One of the students talked about his special watch, and another brought in a paper glider. He said that it had the longest flight time in his high school competition.There was a presentation about some sports equipment, like a baseball glove and ski goggles. 

There was also a presentation on a clarinet.

The students really enjoyed listening to one another about their prized possession. 

The G class has been studying biology, psychology and business classes this semester. In the business class, the teacher has set them up on the stock market (with fake money) to see how they would do if they could invest 100, 000 dollars. The psychology students conducted their first experiment on what kind of font is best for documents, magazines, advertisements and other printed materials. Even though the courses are more difficult, the students are really enjoying the higher level topics.

E class is enjoying learning about essays. One class has just finished a narration (story) essay and the other class has finished off an exemplification essay (essay with lots of examples).

Next week, we will be having midterms, so good luck to all the students. 

See you next time!!





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