Presentation about Japanese Culture - Part 2(日本文化についてのプレゼンテーション)


Peter Van de Veire

Hello. First, here are the answers for the quizzes from my previous blog:
Shachihoko and Takoyaki


Those were probably pretty easy for you. Look at the end of this blog for a couple more quiz questions for you to try.


In my previous blog, I wrote about the Japanese culture presentation class I taught and the sentence stems that we used. Today, I would like to share some of those stems with you. Look at the stems and the examples. Then try to make your own original sentences. This will help you when you want to talk about Japanese culture in English.

Let’s try describing a traditional Japanese game. First, here are the sentence stems:

This is a traditional Japanese game.
It is called… / This is called…
To play this game you need…
It is made of… / They are made of…
This is how you play the game. (explain how to play)


Now let’s use these stems to talk about kendama. The sentence stems are underlined.

This is a traditional Japanese game. It is called kendama. To play this game you need a kendama. It is made of wood. It has a wooden hammer. A wooden ball is attached to the hammer by a string. This is how you play the game. You swing the ball and try to catch it on the hammer’s cup. There is a big cup and a small cup. You can also swing the ball and try to catch it with the point of the hammer, but this is pretty difficult.


Now you should try making a description for karuta. Stop reading and make your own sentences. Then click the link below to compare your ideas with mine. Remember my idea is only one possible answer; there is more than one right answer.

Karuta Sample Answer
YouTube: Karuta Sample Answer

Here are two more quiz questions for you. Come back next time to see the answers. Next time, we will also look at some more sentence stems for talking about Japanese culture.

This game needs two players.
The board is 9 x 9 (has 81 squares).
Each player has 20 pieces.
The goal is to get the other person’s king.
What is it?

It is made from bamboo.
It is small.
It is used in the tea ceremony.
It is used to mix water and tea powder.
What is it?