Space Exploration☆宇宙に関するプレゼンテーションを行いました!

Hello Everyone,
The students are all working hard at HIUC as usual. We are in the middle of the semester, so there will be some mid-term exams for the students to look forward to soon;) 
Recently the E class did an interesting presentation about scientific projects in space. As you can imagine, the topic and vocabulary must have been very difficult for the students to understand. However, having watched the presentations I was really impressed by the effort they had put in. 
This student did a really interesting presentation about IRIS, which is basically a NASA project which measures and reports on the shifting structures of the sun. 


This student also focused on the IRIS project and presented information about it from a different perspective.


We also heard about a project to Mars, which is called the Mars 2020 Mission. As you may know, there is a mission to send a “Rover”, which is a kind of research vehicle, to Mars by 2020. The students discussed the purpose of the project and the potential future implications of the research. 


All in all, the presentations were really interesting. As I mentioned the language the students would have encountered in there research would have been very difficult, and without exception, the presentations were clear and well organised and understandable to the audience. Well done E class.




It's almost Christmas!!12月になりました☆