Presentation about Japanese Culture


Peter Van de Veire

Hello. Recently, I had a chance to teach some original HIUC materials at a local high school. We were working on how to give a presentation in English. The topic of the presentation was: Japanese Culture. The students had to talk about different topics related to Japanese culture. For example, they could talk about traditional Japanese toys like kendama or karuta, or they could talk about Japanese events like Setsubun or Girl’s Day (Hinamatsuri).


We worked on some sentence stems they could use to describe different things. A sentence stem is part of a sentence. Students can use these stems to make a variety of sentences – all they need to do is add the necessary missing information.

We also worked on how to structure a presentation. We looked at some common preview statements. A preview statement is a sentence or two that clearly tell the listener what the presentation will be about. This helps the listener get ready to listen. It also makes it much easier for them to follow the main points of the speech.


We also worked on transitions and how to have a short but effective conclusion. Transitions are words or short phrases that tell the listener that the speaker is moving from one main point to the next main point of the speech.

We also made some short quiz questions related to Japanese culture. Students thought of different Japanese things. Then they gave their partners some hints. Finally, their partner had to guess what the thing was.


It was a fun class, and the students were all very nice and worked hard.

Come back and read my next blog to learn some of the sentence stems that they learnt. It will help you to talk about Japanese things in English.


Finally, I will leave you with a couple of short quizzes from our class. Come back next time, to find out the answers.

It looks like a fish.
It is covered in gold.
It is put on the top of castles.
It protects the castle from fire.
What is it?

It is small and round – like a ball.
It has a piece of octopus in it.
You put sauce on it.
You put mayonnaise on it.
What is it?