Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone!!

This is our last week of this year before the winter break. The students and staff have been quite busy.

G class is working through a unit on physical anthropology focusing on hominid evolution. There’s quite a lot of vocabulary and theoretical ideas to deal with, but they are giving a strong effort to follow the material. Having discussed the differences in Mesolithic and Neolithic society, they now have a greater appreciation for the development of humanity. In the public speaking class, they have been learning how to prepare good visual aids like graphs and pictures and some tricks to use Powerpoint more effectively.

F class has been learning about the structure of the United States government and how the president is elected through the electoral college system. The students found it rather bizarre but timely since the people of the United States have recently had a presidential election.

E1 Class completed a unit on extreme sports and obsession. During a multimedia lecture on climbing Mt. Everest, the students were able to try on genuine North Face down climbing suit rated for 8000m+ mountain peaks. This gave them an idea of what alpine climbers have to wear to protect them from the deadly conditions they face during an ascent. Here we can see two students testing it out. The consensus was that it was 'too warm!'



The E2 class continued the tradition of 'how to' paragraphs, but this time, they were not allowed to choose their own topic. They were given a topic and a new skill to learn.

One of the students had to learn a magic trick. 

Image2Another student taught the class how to tie a bow tie.

Image9There was a pumpkin carving lesson.

Image3A skating tutorial:


Image5And last but not least, here is our new juggler.



At the end of this week, we are starting our TOEFL seminar. We will be teaching both iTP and iBT classes and are hoping that the students are going to get lots of information and skills to reach their goals for the next year.

From all the students, teachers and staff, we wish everyone a happy holiday and best wishes for 2017.





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