Extreme Sport Presentation


Peter Van de Veire

Hello. Winter break is coming soon, but the students at HIUC will be busily working hard in their classes right up until break starts.


The students in the level 3 speaking and listening class did some presentations this week. Each student had to research a different extreme sport and then talk about it in front of the class.


They had to explain what the sport was and what equipment is needed to do that sport. They talked about the dangers involved in their sport and the reasons why people enjoy doing that sport. Finally, they had to talk about where people could try that sport if they were interested in it.


They also had to prepare some slides to go with their presentation.


The students had to focus on having clear information with good supporting details and organizing all of it properly. In class, they studied different presentation skills that they had to use when giving their presentations.


When they made their presentations they had to focus on giving a smooth presentation with good eye contact.


All of the students did a pretty good job. If they keep working hard and following their teacher’s advice, they all should make some big improvements this semester.



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