Two Short Speeches


Peter Van de Veire

Hello. There are only a few weeks left in the fall term at HIUC. Then the students will have a short break before they start the winter term. Classes are getting busier, but most of the students are handling the pressure and doing well.

The students in my speaking class gave short presentations using Power Point the other day. They had to recommend a place for their classmates to visit. They had to use conditional sentences in their presentations. They also had to give extra details to make people want to go to the place that they chose. For example, if you like to go skiing, you should go to Whistler in Canada. It has some beautiful ski resorts, and the snow is perfect for skiing.


Here are some examples from two of the presentations. One was about the Maldives and the other was about Prince Edward Island. In both presentations, the students used maps to make sure that the audience members knew where these places were. That is very important when you are talking about a place that some people might not know a lot about.


In the Prince Edward Island speech, the student began with a famous picture and asked the audience members some questions to get their attention. Then she showed a map to make sure everyone knew where P.E.I is. Then she talked about some of the famous things people can see there. She is really interested in the story Anne of Green Gables, so many of the sites she spoke about were related to this story.


The student who spoke about the Maldives gave information about what kinds of activities visitors could do there. My favorite part was when she was talking about the beaches. As you can see, the beaches look beautiful.


Have a good day and enjoy the cooler weather.