The Present Continuous Tense - Short Lesson


Peter Van de Veire

Hello. The students at HIUC are past the half way point of the fall term and are getting closer to the end of the term. They have been working hard and making steady progress.

This week, the students in my level 2 reading and writing class worked on two process paragraphs. A process paragraph is also sometimes called a “How to” paragraph. In this type of writing, a writer explains how to do something or how to make something. In one of the paragraphs we did, the students had to explain how to make a specific dish such as how to make pancakes, gyoza, or okonomiyaki. In the other paragraph, they had to explain how to clean up after a party. They had to focus on explaining the steps clearly and in detail.

They all did pretty well. Next, we are going to look at descriptive writing. In descriptive writing, a writer tries to describe what something looks like. It is important to have lots of vivid and descriptive details. I hope they do well with this next challenge, too.

Here is a short video on a grammar point - the present continuous tense. I hope you enjoy it.

HIUC文法授業Present Continuous Tense(現在進行形)

YouTube: HIUC文法授業Present Continuous Tense(現在進行形)




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