Process Presentation☆自分の得意分野をプレゼンしました!

Hello All, 

The students at HIUC Tokyo have been working hard on various assignments and maybe under a lot of pressure as we only have 3 weeks of this semester to go. However, it is not all work and no play. The E class have been working on an asssignment which combines work and play nicely. 

Their task was to make presentation where they explained how to do a process, and then the audience was to participate in doing that process. 

For example, this student was keen to explain how to play the popular card game Texas Hold'em 


He first explained the background and how to play the game. He brought along the cards and some chips, and the game was underway. He helped each student as they played, and successful had the students play a few rounds.


Once the game was settled we moved swiftly on to the next activity which was how to make balloon animals. 

This student taught us how to prepare the balloon.


We then embarked on making a balloon dog which wasn't as easy as it looks. 


Next, we studied how to play Shogi which was very interesting and the student explained the Chinese characters very well. I believe he explained a Taiwanese version of the game. 



A furious battle ensued and it was over before we knew it. 

Finally, one student explained how to put on make up in the latest in vogue style. She used another student as a model, and explained each stage in the process very carefully. She thoughtful created another activity for the remainer of the students to join in on. 



All in all, the presentations were very original and very well thought out. Well done E1 class.