How to presentations☆自分の好きな事を用いてそのプロセスを紹介!!

Hello Everyone!!!


I hope that you are all well. We have just started week 6 at HIUC. The assignments are getting harder, so the students really enjoyed the two days off last week.

The E class had the opportunity to do really enjoyable speeches; the how to (process) speech. They had to explain how to do a skill which they know. Many of the students taught abilities from their hobbies or in some cases learned something new to share with their classmates.

The topics ranged from stretching, to playing an instrument, to magic tricks.

Here are some photos of the students enjoying doing the speeches.

He is teaching students how to properly stretch.


This student is showing others how to tie a knot for sailing.


How to tune a violin:


How to fold a T-shirt in 5 seconds:


How to pierce your ear!! The student said it is not painful at all.


And last but not least, how to do a magic trick!

014Have a wonderful week and stay tuned for more exciting HIUC news.




How to study English~私の勉強法~