Chocolate Time!!チョコレートの商品を考え、どのようにマーケットしていくかプレゼンしました!

Hello Everyone.

I hope that you all made it through the hot summer months OK. Our students are back working hard and have gotten back into the swing of things. One project that F class did recently was very interesting.

The overall task was to design a new chocolate product and produce a presentation explaining how they would market and advertise their product. However, before embarking on this assignment the students researched various chocolates already on the market, and took an in depth look at the pricing, range, packaging and the types of appeals that advertisers use.
Having undertaken some solid research, the students then began the creative process. They brainstormed ideas and discussed different techniques for marketing their products. Finally, the day for the presentations came. In this picture you can see the first group who produced a product called Choco 5.

 It is a kind of parfait which office workers can buy, and as you can see it has many wonderful ingredients. Its targeted for ladies, and they hope to distribute it in convenience stores so people can easily buy it.

 The second presentation was a very different product. The three boys decided that they would make a highly sophisticated product which would only be available to adults due to its alcohol content.

The chocolates would contain the finest brands from around the world and would be served at dinner parties or special events. They worked hard on producing a mature logo and the overall production was excellent.


Finally, we watched an great presentation about a chocolate named My Source. The students decided that chocolate was a source of energy, and if it was healthy, it would appeal to a wide range of people.

 The contents in the box are small drop like pieces of chocolate with an organic fruit flavored filling.


We held the presentations with the chairs and tables arranged in a meeting style, and at the end of the presentations we held a vote to decide the winner. Which one would you have chosen?  The final design, My Source was chosen and the students were delighted.
The students all worked very hard and produced some really imaginative interesting ideas.
Great job F class.




『英語』は使わないと忘れる~English is a just language~