Special Course and the Last Week


Peter Van de Veire

Hello. I hope you are enjoying the warm weather of summer. At HIUC, the students have about one week left before they start summer break. Their last week will be busy because they will have to finish their final presentations and writing assignments. Then they will start their summer break. However, most students will not start summer break immediately. Many of the students will take a short intensive TOEFL course, and then they will start their summer break.


Last week, some of the teachers who work at HIUC Osaka went to Kitano High School to teach the first day of a special four-day course. Some of the students at Kitano High School joined a special four-day course that focuses on different academic topics and presentation skills.


The students choose one course and then take four days of classes in that course. This year we offered six different courses. The six courses were: law, education, business, psychology, astronomy, and environmental studies.


Each day that they come to class, they learn about that topic in English. They listen to a lecture and take notes (just like at college). They also do some mini-presentations and other activities to help them learn about that topic. In addition, they learn some presentation skills. Then on the final day of the course, they give presentations based on the themes they studied. It gives them a little experience of what it is like to go to college or university in an English speaking country.


We have been doing this course for a number of years, and each year, the students really seem to enjoy it. They learn a lot and give some excellent presentations on the last day.




Typical Japanese 海外からみた日本人とは