Martin Luther King and Friends

Wow, the weather has turned incredibly hot here in Tokyo recently. Things have been hotting up in the classrooms too at HIUC. In particular the E class have recently completed their first full presentation in small groups using visuals.

Their assignment was to produce a presentation based on a biography of a truly famous historical person. 


These three amusing characters did a very funny explanation of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life. They acted as if they were Martin Luther King in the first person. It was easy for the audience to feel what he must have gone through and why he did what he did. 


These two students made a great presentation about Yuri Gagarin. They carefully explained about the events leading up to him becoming the first man in space. The fact that he was a very short man meant that he was able to fit in the tiny cockpit of the rocket. They also explained the controvacy around his mysterious death which led to a good question and answer session. 


This presentation about Christopher Columbus was very entertaining, and it was interesting to hear about all the voyages that he undertook. It was also interesting to learn about his character, and how he was disliked my many of his compatriots. 


From the slide can you guess who they are talking about? Actually, they did their presentation about Napoleon. They went into detail about his early life, and then moved into the battles that he fought, and the reasons he was so respected and adored. 


Finally, we enjoyed a thoroughly entertaining presentation about Muhammad Ali who one of the students was particularly interested in. Again we learned about his early life, and then some interesting details about his many successful fights and also his refusal to join the Vietnam war. He was truly a great man, an inspiration to people everywhere, and it was sad to hear of his passing last month. 

Overall the students performed very well on this task, especially as this was their first attempt at a full presentation. Very well done E Class. 




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