☆Mid-terms and Picnic☆中間テストとピクニックイベント!

Hi everyone. Are you all enjoying rainy season? It has been hot and humid recently.

We are now at the beginning of week seven for the regular program, and the last two weeks have been quite busy.

G class had both their mid term exams and their first large presentations of the year in their combined skills class. The topic of their presentations was ‘The Physiological and Psychological Stresses of Extreme Sports.’ The students had to make twenty minute presentations about a particular extreme sport – freediving, alpine mountaineering, BASE jumping, etc. – and lead a five minute class discussion about their topic. For some of the students, it was their first time to speak for longer than ten minutes and they were understandably nervous. However, they experienced great satisfaction at having accomplished their task. They had done a considerable amount of research and put together some very impressive Power Point slide shows, so the results were rather good. Some students even used props! In the photo below, you can see one of the presenters pointing out the functions of a drysuit for ice diving. Another student is modeling the drysuit.




F class had mid terms as well last week. The picture below shows them hard at work trying to get through all 26 pages of their listening exam. The day after the exam, they had to give a presentation on an off beat job. There was a lot of interesting information, and the students seem to be well on their way to becoming confident presenters.


We do not often mention the night class, but they are even busier than the regular students as they are going to university during the day. They completed a process presentation last week and taught their classmates a skill. Some of the topics were getting a good score on Tsum Tsum, making a sale, designing a webpage, playing soccer, understanding American politics sales negotiation, and making slippers from newspaper in an emergency.




Finally and most importantly, we had a summer picnic yesterday. The weather was perfect. The students had fun and their were lots of games and snacks and even some bubbles. Everyone had a wonderful time and we are hoping to do it again.




See you next time!




『英語』は使わないと忘れる~English is just langueage~