Extreme Sports

Hello everyone, 

The last couple of weeks have been very challenging for the G Class. In their classes they have been studying about people who have exteme goals. We have been learning about the feelings and pressure that elite marathon runners feel and the reasons people do extreme sports. 

Each student was tasked originally with researching an extreme sport and making a short in class presentation of their sport.  


The picture above shows a student talking about rafting and the dangers involved. Would you like to try it? 


How about skydiving??


Or dog sledging??? It looks fun, but the races are very long, and the conditions can be very very hard. 

The students presented on a wide range of extreme sports and it was a very interesting session. 

The G class also spent the last week investigating the physiological and psychological stresses that affect the bodies of extreme athletes, such as alpine climbers, free divers, marathon runners, and ballet dancers.

This unit is usually quite popular with the students as it allows them to consider aspects of sports or activities to which they may not have been exposed. In addition, it also allowed some members of the class to try some of the gear that some extreme athletes use.

In the picture below, you can see a student wearing a 1960s era Russian pressure suit that would protect the pilot or skydiver from the deadly lack of air pressure on the body at high altitudes.


In the picture below, a student is wearing a yellow down alpine expedition suit for mountains of over 8000m.


These types of experiences really help the students make a connection with the material they are learning. In fact, some of the students have decided that they too would like to try one of these sports in the future. How about you?