Peter_4Peter Van de Veire

Hello. We recently had an intensive English camp for our distance learning students. At home, they study reading, writing, and grammar using our distance learning materials. They also get listening practice while they work on these materials. In addition, they come to workshops and camps or regular weekend classes to work on their speaking.



The students who joined the English camp studied English from 9:00 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening every day for nine days straight. In addition, the started the camp and ended the camp with a half day of English. During this time, they did a lot of speaking and listening activities. They also gave some presentations. It looked like all the students and teachers enjoyed the camp, and the students learned a lot.



I really enjoyed my class. All the students were very friendly and made a good effort to work hard during class. They got along well with each other, and everyone improved their speaking. It was a lot of fun to teach them because they worked hard and they had a sense of humor, so we could have some fun. At the end of the camp they surprised me with a gift of many bottles of tea. Each student wrote a message on a bottle. It was a very nice surprise.



Now they are getting ready to go overseas. I hope they all have a great time in their new schools.



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