Peter VandeVeire

Hello. I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather. Today, I would like to tell you a little about our graded reader program. A good way to improve your English is to do a lot of reading. By reading a lot of English, you can learn more vocabulary, increase your reading speed, and gain some passive grammar skills.

013Every week, our students read an English book for fun. They choose a book from our graded reader library, and then they read it. They do a little reading every night after school. However, that is not all they do.

They sometimes write book reports about the books they read. They sometimes give oral book reports about the books they read. This term, I am having my student write book reports, but they are also talking about their books every class. At the beginning of each class, they find a partner and take five minutes to tell their partner about the book they are reading. The get a new partner every couple of days.

015This is good practice for them and helps them improve their English more quickly. They read a story. Then they think about the story. After that, they retell the story. Each day the retelling gets longer because they have read more of the book. When they talk about their story, they can use the new words they have learnt.

It is also good because students get to hear about different books. This helps them decide which book to choose next. Also, if both students have read the same book, they can talk about it in more depth.

014When you have time, pick up an English book and try reading it for fun. They key is to choose something interesting and something that is not difficult. The book you read should not be difficult. That is very important.


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