Eyeballs and Brains

Hello Everyone. 

I hope that you have all have had a good couple of weeks and are enjoying a lot of cherry blossom parties. I hear that some of our students made the most of the festivities, and it is great to see the students having fun together outside of class. 

Regarding classes, the speeches in the speech class havs been progressing very well and the students have been producing some excellent presentations based on making persuasive speeches. The businesss class has been working hard on learning about marketing and the specific language associated with it. They will be doing some interesting presentations next week on their final projects, which are to design and market a product. However, more on that next time. 

The GE Prep class finished up their film unit with a discussion about the narrative structure of ‘Wild’ (2014), the story of a woman’s journey to heal herself through a difficult trek along the Pacific Coast Trail – about 4279km! As with the other films covered in this unit, we explored how films use a particular structure to tell a story in 120 minutes, the role of themes in drama, and the close relationship between comedy and drama. Now that this week has come to an end, the GE Prep class will have to prepare for their final exam and presentations they will make next week.


The SC104 Biology class has almost wrapped up, too. Today, we had another successful dissection in the class today: each student was given two cow eyeballs to dissect and explore.


One of our students is planning to study opthamology in the United States, so she had been waiting for this day.


The other students were somewhat hesitant at first, but after making the initial cut into the sclera (the white part of the eye), they became used to the texture of the eye and were then fascinated by the internal structures of the eye.


In particular, they were quite taken with the lens that focus the light that enters the eya and focus it onto the retina on the back of the eyeball’s interior.


As far as their instructor is concerned, the students did a thorough job dissecting and examining the various components, and they are looking forward to their final dissection of a sheep brain on Tuesday.


On Wednesday, they will have their final exam, and on Friday each student will present a certain disease or condition and potential solutions for treatment. All in all, the biology class this semester has almost met the instructor’s expectations and there is great hope for the next time the course is offered.

Next Friday is the final day of this semester so there will be a mixture of happiness (no more homework from Wes) and sadness at having to move on. We will have a ceremony/party on Friday and I think we are all looking forward to that.