HIUC大阪校 春学期第6週目であと4週間で修了です★


Peter VandeVeire


Hello. I hope you are enjoying the beautiful spring weather.



We are starting the 6th week at HIUC. With only a few weeks left, things are going to start getting really busy. In my reading and writing class, we are getting closer to finishing Oliver Twist. This is the book that we are reading as a class. We had a vocabulary quiz today focused on words from the book, and we have two more quizzes to go. Students have written two paragraphs based on the book and they are going to do one more next week. After that, they will write an essay on the book. It should be a good challenge for them.



This week, we are going to have our first 90-minute writing skills and reading test. It will be a bit of a shock for the students, but I think that most of them will do fine. They will have to answer questions on the writing skills we have learnt, and they will have to read and analyze two essays.



Today, they gave me their narrative essays. Next week, they will give me their exemplification essays. In this type of essay, the writer supports their ideas by using lots of clear and specific examples. I think they will all do well on this. They are getting better at giving specific supporting details.



Have a good week.