Is Graffiti Art?

Hello Everyone. 

We have had a busy few weeks at HIUC. The specialist courses are all working on very interesting projects. 
The business class have just started a project to produce and market a product, and will present their market research and ideas in "TV" style presentations in 2 weeks time. 


Speaking of presentations, the speech class have now moved on to preparing and making persuasive speeches. The most recent speeches were on Questions of Fact, which means there is some dispute about whether something should be considered to be true or not. 


The 4 speeches we have watched so far were excellent. One student discussed evidence that the moon landing in 1969 didn't really happen!! Another student took on the difficult task of explaining the latest terrorist attacks in Belgium and mistakes the security forces may have made. We also watched a fascinating speech on whether the US government was aware that the attacks on Pearl Harbor were imminent and allowed them to happen as an excuse to go to war. Finally, we watched an extremely thought provoking speech about Banksy, an artist who uses graffiti , generally ironically, to inspire discussion on social and political issues. Wonderful stuff and I was so impressed by the quality of the visuals and the overall improvement of the students. 


This week the Biology class did a particularly interesting project and I have a report from one of our teachers which I would like to share with you here. Be aware that the language maybe a little technical regarding the biology. 
GE Prep class has just finished a unit on symbols, rituals, and religions. This unit explored how people use certain images or actions to explain or understand abstract concepts. There was an emphasis on universal symbols and those unique to Japan. A lot of the pupils were unaware just how many symbols and rituals are a part of their daily lives, so it was a fun and informative unit for them. Next week, they will be beginning a unit on dramatic structure and the concept of the Hero’s Journey. It is always an exciting unit for the teacher and the students.


(These students have just seen what they are doing in the biology class:)
SC104 (biology) class finished a unit on the anatomy and function of the heart, and on Friday they had HIUC’s first in class dissection. The students each received safety glasses, surgical gloves, a wax tray, probe, spatula, two sets of tweezers, a scalpel, and a fresh pig’s heart! The students were a bit tentative at the outset, but as the dissection progressed they became much more comfortable with the procedures.


The students were able to identify all of the key external parts of the heart, but things became more complicated once the interior of the heart was opened. After a lot of cutting, putting fingers into valves and vessels, and probing about with their tools, they could identify all of the structures that were necessary for the heart’s proper function. There was a wee bit of confusion regarding the pig’s aortic arch – in humans, there are three arteries that branch off from the aorta: the brachiocephalic, the common carotid, and the subclavian. As we discovered, however, a pig does not have a carotid artery that branches off from the aorta; instead, it branches off from the brachiocephalic artery.


All in all, it was a very good unit and a good way to get practical experience to compliment the lectures and textbook material. Next week, the nervous system and a dissection of a brain!