End of Semester Party ☆冬学期修了式が行われました☆

I hope you are all getting through the cold spell we are having recently. On Friday, we had the end of semester party which was a lot of fun, mixed with a little sadness as we have to say goodbye to some students.

We started the party with some delicious snack which went down very well, especially with this student.


After the snacks, we got down to playing some games. This time we tried a new game where the students lined up in teams, and had to mimic other students and teachers. It was a lot of fun. 


Following the game, and with everyone warmed up it was time to listen to some heart-felt speeches. First of all, the students from E-Class who are leaving made short passionate speeches about their time at HIUC, their friends and their futures. It was great to hear their thoughts and feelings. We also listened to two speeches from F-Class students who are also leaving at this stage. 

The G-Class students have been attending a speech-making class this semester, so it was their turn to make a commerative speech, which they have been studying how to write in class. The speeches were very high quality and the audience was total absorbed. I think most of the students were really inspired by the level G-Class has attained. 




Finally, we gave graduation certificates and prizes for perfect attendance and increasing TOEFL scores to many of the students and we had some final pictures and finished off the party. 




Thank you everyone of attending and enjoy this week between semesters.