Hello All. Today, we have 2 reports for you. First, we will tell you about how the biology class is progressing and following that we'll look at a great presentation which was made in the speech class. 

The biology class has just finished its fourth week, which dealt with cellular respiration. While there was an enormous amount new vocabulary and concepts with which the students had to contend, in the end the students were able to reteach the concepts to each other to their teacher's satisfaction. Concepts that were covered included glycolysis, the breakdown of glucose in a cell's cytosol; the citric acid cycle, the collection of protons and electrons via FADH2 and NADH; and the Electron Transport Chain, the redistibution of protons and electrons to create ATP molecules which provide power for all of an organism's metabolic functions. In the photo we can see a student reteaching the citric acid cycle to the rest of the class. Full marks!


Now, let's move onto the speech class. Recently, the students were assigned a short speech (within 10minutes) where they were to describe a process. Furthermore, they were allowed to bring in materials in order to have the audience be able to participate in the process. 

Today, I will highlight one of the speeches as an example. 


The speaker had several T-shirts in the yellow bag on the table and he gave them out to the audience. His topic was "How to fold a T-shirt like a professional". 

While being an amusing subject, the topic was well chosen and he was able to lead an interesting and fun presentation in which followed the assignment perfectly. 

Here is a diagram he drew on the board to illustrate how to fold the T-shirt. 


If you look to the collar, you need to hold the highlighted point with your right hand, and the point in the top middle you pinch with  your left hand. Then you pull the furthest left point to the furthest right point without removing your left hand. Then separate your hands and magically the right side of the T-shirt will be folded. Then it is easy to just fold over the left side. 

Here is a student trying it out. 


Here a student is being helped.


The speech was a complete success and everyone was amazed at how simple and easy it is to fold a T-shirt like a pro. Why don't you try it at home some time. 

There were several such speeches on various topics throughout the afternoon and I believe that the students grew in confidence in giving presentations and organised and delivered their speeches very effectively.