Are They Out There

Hello everyone. 

Today there was snow and ice everywhere, so I hope you managed to get to work, school or anywhere else you intended to go safely. Thank you to the staff, teachers and students who battled hard to make it into school this morning. 


We are approaching the end of the 3rd semester at HIUC, so the students are very busy with projects, speeches, homework and test preparation. 

However, F-Class have been working on a topic which sounds a little less serious. They have been studying about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (Do you know the movie ET?). Basically, this means the search for alien life. Do you think that there is any other life on other planets in the universe? According to the textbook there are 200 billion suns in the Milky Way, which is our galaxy, and about 1 billion galaxies. If you do the math then you will see that there is a high chance of another planet having the same distance from the sun as we have, which also contains water. This means the chances of life on another planet is, in fact, quite high. 


The students listened to a lecture on the SETI project which is an international project run by a team of scientists who hope to communicate with aliens using radio waves. The students took notes in a lecture like environment, and then reinforced their notes by going over them with a partner. They also worked on making their notes readable, so if they had to come back to them in a weeks time, they would be able to understand them. 


After working on the vocabulary relevant to astronomy, and some further listening exercises and discussions, the students then went home to research for “proof” of the existence of alien life. The following lesson, we formed 2 groups and each member of the group stood up in turn and gave a mini-2 minute presentation of their research. They also brought in a picture of their alien or a related picture.



All in all, this task was very successful and the students got note-taking, research, vocabulary and discussion and presentation skills from the activities. I wonder if any of them now believes there are other beings in space!!!!!!Do you????