Grammar Lesson

Peter_4Peter VandeVeire

Hello. Another week and the students at HIUC will be on winter break. It is a nice chance for them to rest up, do some extra assignments, and get ready to come back fresh in the New Year.

In my reading and writing class, we are working on our first essay. The students wrote their first draft. I checked the essays and gave the students feedback on their essays. Now they are fixing their first drafts and changing them into second drafts. I will read the second drafts and put some comments about grammar on them. Then I will give them back to the students, and they will write their final drafts. Finally, I will grade their final drafts. This is a good way for students to improve their writing. They write the same paragraph or essay multiple times. They learn from their mistakes, and they get practice at editing their work.


In today’s blog, I wanted to add a video. It is a video of part of a grammar lesson. The focus is on simple and compound sentences. Please check out the video. By the end of the video, you should know more about simple and compound sentences.

HIUC ご紹介〔文法〕Simple and Compound Sentences
YouTube: HIUC ご紹介〔文法〕Simple and Compound Sentences


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