Halloween Video & Winter Term



Peter VandeVeire

Hello. How are you? In my previous blog, I wrote about the Halloween party and included some pictures. To get a better idea of what the party was like, please click on the link below and watch the short video. It is about one minute long. You can see and hear what the party was like.


We have just finished the second week of classes at HIUC Osaka. This is a pretty tough term for the students. The level 5 students are doing mostly college level materials. They are using some of the same textbooks as native speaking students in America.


Also, the level 4 students are in a transition term. The classes they are taking are half ESL based and have content based. In both levels, students will be writing a number of essays this term. They will also be giving presentations and taking tests and exams.


The level 3 students are also going to face some challenges this term. They will begin the term writing paragraphs, but they will end the term writing essays that are five paragraphs long. That means that the length of their written work is really going to increase. They will also have to give a number of presentations this term.


It will be a tough term, but the students will get many opportunities to really increase their English abilities.