Presentation Week

Hello everyone! How was your Silver Week? Did you do something exciting? I heard from many of our Sunday students that they were very busy preparing for their high school festivals. Some of our regular students joined their old high school’s festival and had a wonderful time.

Yesterday, we had a TOEFL test for our students, so there was a lot of extra studying last week. Even though the students were getting ready for TOEFL, they also had to do their regular homework.

In the E class, students made a process presentation. In the presentation, the students taught each other one of their skills. For example, one student taught everyone how to do basic hip hop dance steps. Another student explained how to make Chinese dumplings. Other topics included how to grow sunflowers, how to stop children from fighting, how to make Hiroshima okonomiyaki and even how to give a hand massage. As you can see from the photos below, this student is telling everyone how to throw a fastball.



Holding the Ball:


The students enjoyed talking about the process, and there was a fun game afterwards. Students were given a picture, and then they had to instruct one of their classmates to pose in the same style as the picture. There was a lot of laughter and a little confusion as people could not hear and everyone in the group was talking at the same time.

Not only E class, but also the G class had a major presentation last week. In groups, they were supposed to research an ethnic group in the United States and prepare a report and presentation. They had to present a background of the group, reasons why they came to the United States, what problems they faced and how they overcame them, as well as their current situation now.

In one of the F classes, the students are learning about different kinds of diets. They were asked to write down all the food that they ate for a week and then analyze their diet.


Have a great day and we will see you soon!