Chocolate Time

Hello everyone, and I hope you are all well. 
Today, I would like to tell you about a project that I have done with the F-Class recently. I will explain the process behind the creation of some great presentations with great visuals. The project was to design a chocolate product and make a presentation of the chocolate’s main sales points and how it would be sold.
The first stage was to have students study how chocolate is generally packaged and sold. They researched a particular chocolate product, for example a Kit Kat, and described how the packaging attracts attention, to who it is targeted, and how and where it is advertised. 
Next, the students compared the chocolates they had researched and shared their results with the other students in the class. This was an interesting activity which helped the students express what they have learnt and improve their fluency using the vocabulary. 
Next the students formed pairs and started doing brainstorming exercises to decide what kind of product they would like to see and produce. They then started to rough out some designs. 


I think the guy cleaning the windows was impressed too:)

After they had created an outline for their presentation and completed drawing the main ideas onto a poster the students began writing the scripts for the presentation. As for the visuals, I provided them with a large piece of white card which they were to use to explain their designs. 
Once the scripts had been written they were given in and I checked the grammar and the flow of the presentations and then handed them back. The students then had a further chance to practice saying their speeches out loud, a step that is often overlooked and underestimated. They were also instructed to write their speeches clearly on cards in order to be able to look up and make eye contact with the audience which is also very important. 
Finally the day for the presentations came and the students were excited to present their word after so much preparation. 



The students presented some great ideas and made some really awesome posters. The presentations were very interesting and imaginative. In additions they were well prepared and really kept the attention of the audience. The poster designs were outstanding and I really believe a lot of work went into making them. 





What do you think of the designs and which chocolate would you choose to buy someone or yourself!!? 

I was really impressed with the amount of thought and effort that went into creating the posters I and really enjoyed seeing the improvement in their presentations. . 
Well Done F-Class.