Presentation Week!!

The last two weeks have been pretty busy at HIUC. Despite the rainy weather, students are still coming every day and studying very hard. We also had a teacher competition for last week’s Boggle blog activity. If you remember, you had 3 minutes to make as many words by using connected letters for the following matrix:


F            A            R            S

P            E            D           A

S            I             M           L

R            E            K           U


Trevor was the winner, and he made the most words out of all teachers: Here is a list of words which the teachers found if you wish to check your paper:


    sire    riser    same    dare    aped    spared    fade    dimes    pedal    far

     sad    fad    pad    rad    pears    rip    sir    ride    lad(s)    rise

mad    dam    lame    dame    made    ears    fears    dear    mead    fed

side    spear    sped    spied    red    read(s)    sear


Hopefully you found a lot of these words and it would be even better if you found different words or even more words.


The G class had a major presentation on extreme sports. The students talked about rock climbing, base jumping, wing suit diving, and high altitude skydiving called space diving. You can see from the pictures that the students spent a lot of work on their presentations. Courtesy of a teacher, one student was even able to try on a genuine pressure suit for high altitude pilots.



The F class also had a presentation in their listening and speaking class. This week we have been talking about the famous Ice Hotel in Sweden. Before the presentation, students learned how to make hotel reservations, how to plan a trip and consider different factors such as cost, location, season etc. After they learned the vocabulary and grammar, they then researched one of the top 50 strange hotels throughout the world and made a presentation. Students could use PowerPoint or pictures to show the audience information about their hotel.



Students learned about a glass igloo hotel to see the Northern lights, a hotel made from an old airplane, a futuristic hotel which will be built underwater and many more.


Have a great week and to wrap up, I’ll leave you with some of our G class students having fun at lunch.










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