First Presentation for G-Class

We started a new semester 2 weeks ago, and the students have been working very hard. They are getting used to being in an English only environment and have been trying very hard not to accidentally say Japanese words. They have also had to get used to lots of homework and mini-projects as well as reading English novels. Their time keeping skills are being stretched, but they are getting used to the workload. 

Hard work doesn't mean we are not having fun though. The G-class have been working on vocabulary for advertising. They have done several reading exercises and have been analyzing ads. They were tasked with designing a new chocolate product. They had to think about the ingredients and how they would put them together. They also had to design the wrapper and think about the target market. There were 5 designs as you can see in the picture below. Please look at the pictures and read the descriptions and decide which one you would like best. 
1) Magical Chocolate. This chocolate comes in many flavors and is aimed at people trying to lose weight. It is very small, but fills you up because of its "magical properties".  


2) D-choco. Based on Disney characters, this chocolate comes in many different flavors. There are products targeting boys, using Toy Story characters, and products for girls using Frozen characters. Inside the packet you might find a free ticket  to Disneyland or other prizes if you're lucky. 


3) After Eights. This product is based on an older target market and is a variation on a popular chocolate from England. The product comes in slim stylish pockets and a discreet box. The difference is that they will be available in different flavors, whereas it is usually only available in mint. 


4) Helper. Is a product for the health conscious person. It contains a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats. You don't need to think about your meals because this will give you all the nutrition you need and it tastes great.  


5) Sushi Chocolate. As the name suggests this chocolate looks like sushi. The small pieces of chocolate come individually wrapped in stylish clear plastic wraps. They are a work of art and they taste as good as they look.


Which one would you chose??? 
The students worked well in teams for this task, learnt new vocabulary, and had a chance to come to the front of the class and experience speaking in front of the class for the first time. They all did very well. 
The students will continue to do a lot of thought provoking tasks both humorous and serious in order to further their English skills, their confidence with the language and their public speaking ability.