Welcome back everyone. Hope that you all had a nice week and a good weekend.


Welcome back everyone. Hope that you all had a nice week and a good weekend.


For our students, they spent the last week working quite hard and doing a lot of homework on Saturday. Many of the students took the TOEFL test on Sunday in order to prepare for the entrance/level test at their university.


Last week, the E class wrote their first descriptive essay. The students did fairly well and used spatial order and a lot of adjectives to describe either It’s a Small World attraction in Disneyland, Haneda airport or a scene from Yuigahama Beach. Their next essay this week will be an exemplification essay. Students will have to give strong examples to describe the personality of one of their family members. Students have also started to read Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. It is a classic British novel which describes the working and living conditions in London during the 1800’s.


The university classes are going well too.


In the Business class students are now learning about stocks and trading. All of the students have joined a website to see how well they can pick stocks and how much money they can make. Students start with an imaginary 100,000 dollars and compete against each other and the teacher to see who will win. They have to decide when to buy and when to sell depending on company performance and individual feeling.


The Psychology class is learning how to do research and they have conducted two experiments. One was a natural observation experiment. Students had to observe how much space people took up on the train. They tried to figure out which group of people takes up the most space. Their hypothesis is that businessmen take up the most room on the train. While students were on the train, they took notes of passengers sitting styles. All of the information will be put together in a report which supports their idea or disagrees with it.


The biology class is studying the difference between plant cells and animal cells. This week they will do an experiment with a microscope to see the difference in cell structures in real time. It should be exciting and an interesting day.


The big news is our real communication classes are starting tomorrow. Students are going to learn how to communicate with a host family, deal with medical problems, make friends overseas as well as give opinions or complaints. The students will do some job interview practice which will hopefully prepare them in the future. We will keep you updated on this throughout the month.


Enjoy the warm spring day and see you soon!!


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