Hi! How was your weekend? Some of you may have already graduated or will be graduating very soon.



Hi! How was your weekend? Some of you may have already graduated or will be graduating very soon. We are guessing that many of you may be changing your appearance by dyeing your hair as you have finished high school. It is a very exciting time for you as the door to your future has been opened. I felt both excited and a little nervous after high school as I was wondering about my future. I thought about which school to go to, what subject to major in, if I should work for a year and even if I should go abroad. Perhaps you are wondering the same questions. My path led me to university and then overseas to Japan which became one of my best decisions. Going to a different country can really open up your eyes and make you a better person in all ways and that is exactly what our current students are getting ready to do now.


The students are now starting week six which means they are at the halfway point before they graduate. The E class is working hard. They have just completed their third essay. Last week they wrote an exemplification essay (lots of strong clear examples) and this week they are finishing a narrative essay (a personal story about an exciting event they experienced). They are doing presentations every Monday in the listening and speaking class. In the American history class, the students have now learned 30 of the 50 states as well as the capitals. Last week, the E class experienced their first midterms which required extra studying on top of their regular homework.


The new communication classes are going well. Students get to learn natural English expressions by doing a lot of role-play situations. Idioms, phrasal verbs and collocations are taught at the beginning of the class, and then certain situations are given to the students to practice using them. Students learned the difference between formal introductions and casual introductions. This will help them when they are making friends overseas. They have learned how to speak with the university staff, deal with problems on their homestay, and communicate with people in their dormitory or administration office. Students practiced making offers and requests of different levels of politeness. In addition, they are also improving their listening and response time by answering questions as quickly as possible. All of this will aid them when they arrive in the countries where they will be studying.


Congratulations to the graduating class of 2015 in Japan and best of luck in your future!