I would like to share a speech which one of our students wrote for his classmates and friends.

Hello everyone! How have you all been? Last Friday was the end of our winter semester at HIUC. According to our students, the last week was incredibly difficult. Many students said that they did not sleep very much as they had to do a lot of studying for final exams, prepare presentations and write assignments. They have a one week break until the spring semester starts on February 9, 2015. We are sure that they are all relaxing and enjoying their free time.


For our next semester we have some exciting news. In addition, to the regular courses we will be teaching four university level courses this term. Students have chosen to study business, humanities, psychology and biology. Also, we will be holding two natural English communication courses so students can feel more comfortable when they go abroad.


At the end of every semester, there is a party and award ceremony for the students. Rather than reading my words, I would like to share a speech which one of our students wrote for his classmates and friends.


              Hello everyone. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do a speech in front of my friends. To prepare for today’s speech, I thought about what we learned so far at HIUC. We did learn grammar, writing, and reading. You know they are important but today, give it a rest. We’ve learned many other things, but I’m going to talk about the most valuable thing that I’ve learned at HIUC.

              I’m going to talk about the sense of responsibility. One example is homework. If you do your homework, you get points, but if you don’t do your homework you get zero. It is not like an HIUC law, but it is more like your responsibility. However, I don’t have to say to you, “Don’t forget gravity.” Do I? No. Who has to remind you to obey the law of gravity? Because it is common sense, so no one tells you. Moreover, in the future, you’ll have to be more responsible than now. For example, when you get a job, if you don’t do your work, the trust in you will be lost, but then no one tells you that because responsibility is common sense. I think that is what the great teachers want to teach us by giving us so much homework. So, this is the biggest thing that I have learned from too much homework with all of you.

              In conclusion, we are all going to study abroad, and we all have the same goal. Though we are finishing this term, some people are leaving, and some people are studying next term. To people studying, I want to say, “Do your homework.” To people leaving, I want to say, “Don’t be shy. Find your next goal.” Thank you.


This speech was done by one of our E class students and the improvement from the beginning of the school term to now is incredible. The speech was very smooth and written completely by the student. Most importantly, it was powerful and showed the extra lessons which students learn here.


Have a great week and see you after the break!!