Students come back to visit HIUC to share pictures and tell us of their

In the last couple of weeks we have been lucky enough to have some of last years
students come back to visit HIUC to share pictures and tell us of their
experiences overseas. In the pictures below, you can see 2 ex-students enjoying
their holidays in New York, where they visited the Brooklyn Bridge and the
United Nations building.


2One ex-student has also begun to work as a leader on expeditions, and this photo
shows her leading a ski group.


It has been great to see some of the students from last year, and they have made friends with a lot of the current students, and have provided a valuable source of information about life overseas.


While the ex-students return to their lives in America the current E-class is working hard on preparing to go there. In particular, they have been developing their descriptive skills and are currently working on a fun project to produce pages for a dating website. In addition, in the speaking and listening class students have been working on writing movie reviews.  They have also recently started to work on writing traditional five paragraph essays, an important skill they will need when they attend universities overseas.


The F-Class has also been working on five paragraph essays and are currently writing a compare and contrast essay. The topic is a comparison of teachers so that could turn out to be very interesting. The class has also been working on delivering speeches and recently the topic has been on animal intelligence.  We listened to speeches about a horse that can do math, crows that can make tools and dog that can remember 1200 words. Incredible stuff.


While on the topic of speeches, the G1 and G2 classes have both been hard at work producing high quality speeches based on concepts such as Shintoism, Kan and Wabi-sabi, which have been particularly interesting. Tomorrow they will be presenting persuasive speeches where the goal is to have the audience take action, so we are looking forward to watching those.  


The semester is coming to an end in 2 weeks time, so all the students here will be busy with their final exams. If you have exams soon too, we wish you the best of luck.