ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. January is getting closed to be done. I hope you are having a good 2015 so far. The students at HIUC are entering the last week of the winter term. It will be a busy time because they will have exams, final presentations, and many essays and research papers to hand in. For this blog, I tried to take some photos at different times of the day during one day. Just to give you an idea of what one day looks like.

Some students come early to work in the computer lab or print up the work they need to hand in later in the day. Other students have something to eat while they review their notes for the day or finish any last homework they have.


The first classes of the day are writing classes this term, and the second classes of the day are speaking classes and a general education course. In Josh’s speaking class, the students were doing mini-debates in small groups. In Chris’s general education course, the students were having a discussion seminar on the environment and Minamata disease. In Lance’s class, the students had presentations yesterday and will have more presentations tomorrow. Today, they were discussing some handouts that Lance gave them.



At lunch time, some students work on their assignments in the computer room, but many students eat lunch with their friends and classmates in the classrooms.



In the afternoon, the students in the speech making class were busy giving their persuasive speeches. They were using slides in their presentations and the lights were off, so I could not get any photos of them. In Darren’s integrated skills class, the students were talking about crimes. They even acted out a few crime situations. In the last period of the day, Darren was teaching American culture. His students were working in pairs and small groups to discuss the topics from the textbook.



Finally, after classes have ended, some students go home but many stay at HIUC. Some go back to the computer room to work on assignments. Others work in the classrooms or relax and chat with their friends and classmates for a while.