Hi everyone. How are you all doing? 〜December 8, 2014 Blog


Hi everyone. How are you all doing? Here is just a short update about life at HIUC.


This week we are having some visitors come and talk to our students. The students will get a chance to learn about some schools in the UK as well as Australia and New Zealand.


In class, students are working hard, but it is easy to see that they are thinking of the upcoming holidays while they are completing their tasks. The E class continued on a new project which we have started at HIUC, which is making a newspaper. The E class found a news story they were interested in and then made a summary. The summaries were all put into a newspaper for the other students to read. The students think that it is exciting to see their names in print in a newspaper format.


The G classes finished up a week of presentations in all their classes. In the GE Prep class the presentations were based on the issues that were discussed in class for the first four weeks. These issues were physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, poverty in developing countries, and globalization. Overall, the students brought some excellent insight into the issues, and there has been some demonstrable improvement in student confidence and ability to analyze topics. In the other two classes they made speeches on strange festivals throughout the world, such as the El Colacho Festival (Jumping Over Babies) in Spain and the Palms Boxing Festival in Thailand, where two people with a blindfold fight each other. They also presented on an ancient or modern wonder of the world, such as the Taj Mahal, the Colosseum, Stonehenge and the Great Wall.


The F class did a lot of writing and preparing for a debate. They wrote an essay about the personality of one their friends or family members. The essays are getting much longer and more detailed which is wonderful to see. For the debate, students were put into groups and had to find the advantages or the disadvantages of eating meat. Afterwards, they had a formal debate against each other.


In the next few weeks, some students from the past year will be back and visiting HIUC. I hope that they have a lot of pictures we can share with you about their time in America. Enjoy your day!!