The winter semester started at HIUC last Tuesday

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How is everyone today? I hope that you are well and enjoying the cooler weather.


The winter semester started at HIUC last Tuesday and will run until the end of January. There have been some minor changes in the schedule. All students are taking three classes, but the big change is the G class has two classes which only meet three times a week. The presentation class and the college writing class are quite intensive and students will need the extra days to complete all of the assignments and homework.


Today’s topic will be slightly different from normal as we had three connected colleges and universities visit us in the last two weeks. Students were able to meet with a group from the United States called the USA College Consortium. These five schools connect to some of the top 50 schools in the US and are in California, Washington, Florida, Delaware and Illinois. They have many majors and programs. There is a two year associate degree program and students can transfer to a bachelor’s degree program or a two year career program which focuses on certain skills like fire science, fixing cars and a saving lives and treating injuries. The class sizes are pretty small and students can stay with a host family and/or on campus depending on the school. The representatives had a lot of information and could easily help the students with any questions they had.


The other group students could meet was called the Study Group. They focus on colleges and universities in Europe, specifically Holland and the UK as well as schools in Australia and New Zealand. They have a few different programs for students. One program is an English language program to help students improve their skills. Other programs help students enter Universities for bachelor degrees, and the last program is for students who want to get a graduate (master’s) degree overseas. They also have a lot of programs and connections, including degrees at the IstitutoMarangoni in the UK which is a famous fashion college. Students can learn fashion design, fashion styling and the fashion business. The other schools are famous for business, accounting, pharmaceutical studies and social science majors.


Our final visitor last week was from Fulton Montgomery Community College which is in New York State. Students could hear about the SUNY schools and their programs. This presentation was a little different as the representative brought a former HIUC student and Fulton Montgomery graduate. She did not graduate with just one degree but two from FMCC. She loved her time at the school and shared her experience with us.

This month we have two more schools doing presentations at our school in Tokyo. It is a great chance for our students to learn about universities and life on campus when they go abroad.


Have a great week and we will see you next time!!


The winter semester started at HIUC last Tuesday