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Hello. The winter term has begun, and the students are back and studying hard. I have the level three reading and writing class this term. We are going to start by doing some more work on paragraphs, and then we are going to move on to writing essays.

In the first week, we read StarGate. It is a graded reader based on the movie. Each day, the students had to read a little of the book. The next day in class, they talked about what they read. This gave them a chance to make sure that they understood the content of the story. It also gave them some practice at making short summaries and sharing ideas. After they finished reading the book, they had to write a one-page summary of the book.


We have also been reviewing some grammatical structures and key points about writing paragraphs. Next week, we are going to look specifically at descriptive paragraphs. A descriptive paragraph is when you describe something in words. It is like making a picture with words. For example, you could describe what your bedroom looks like. I hope to have them write two or three paragraphs in this section. If possible, we might also try to write our first essay. It is a little early in the term, but if they look like they are ready, we will give it a try.


The students who were in my listening and speaking class last semester have started taking an American culture class this term. I am not teaching this class, but I have been following what they are doing. Last week, they gave their first presentations in this class. They were talking about the pushes and pulls of immigration in their class. Each student was given a different country to focus on. They had to do some research about that country. They had to find out when and why people moved from that country to the USA. They had to then put that information into a clear three to four-minute presentation. I spoke to some of the students and their teacher after the presentations, and it sounded like everyone did a good job. I hope they keep up the good work.


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