All of the students have been really busy with classes recently.


Hi everyone!! How have you all been doing?

Here is an update for HIUC for the past two weeks.


All of the students have been really busy with classes recently.

The E class has been working hard and developing their paragraph writing skills.

They are currently writing a narrative paragraph which is a story from their life. It could be a frightening, interesting, exciting or challenging story.

The F class is writing an exemplification essay. The topic is to give specific examples to describe a family member or a friend’s personality.

Using specific examples will be very helpful to them when they are studying overseas and doing writing assignments. It will also help them develop clear logical thinking.

The G classes are working hard on their writing and trying to get used to the new system. In the past semesters, students had the chance to do multi draft essays.

The grammar would be checked by the teacher, and then students would rewrite the assignment. This semester is more like the college system which they will face next year.

Students are only writing single draft essays and have to check their work carefully before handing it in. The G classes are also thinking very hard about the next semester.

They have to choose the university courses which they want to study. There are courses in Business, English and Humanities, Social Sciences and Science.

Of course, it is not just all studying at HIUC. Last week the students planned a surprise birthday party for one of their classmates. Here are some pictures from the party.

With the cooler weather, it seems as if many people are getting sick, so here is a mini conversation between a doctor and a patient. Please check out the new words you don’t know and try to use them in the future.


Doctor: Good morning. How are you feeling today?

Patient: I feel absolutely terrible.

Doctor: What are your symptoms?

Patient: My nose is running, I have a sore throat and a fever.

Doctor: It sounds like you have a cold. Do you have any allergies?

Patient: I don’t have any allergies / I am allergic to ________.

Doctor: I’m going to write you a prescription. Take 2 capsules on a full stomach.

Patient: Thank you.

Doctor: I hope you feel better soon.


We hope that you do not need this conversation but it may be a good idea to remember the key words for the future. Have a great week and see you soon!!


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