We are in the last two weeks of our fall semester.


Hello everyone. What’s new for you? I hope that the last few weeks have been exciting for you.


We are in the last two weeks of our fall semester. Students are busy working on final projects, research assignments and final essays, and they are getting ready for final exams next week.


There have been a lot of presentations in the past two weeks. In the G class, students completed their final presentation in their Listening and Speaking class. All of the students made a presentation on a certain kind of diet. Some of the topics were the Mediterranean Diet, the Paleo Diet, and the Tapeworm Diet. In another class, students had to present a skill which they could do. There were instructions on marital arts, core training, solving difficult math problems and magic to name just a few. Check out some of the fun and exciting pictures.





The F class is getting ready for their final project next week. They are going to make a survey and then ask their friends and strangers questions about their topic. After they ask all of their questions, they will collect all the data and then make a presentation about their results and write a research paper.


Also, the E class will be doing a final project as well. In groups, they will be designing a new video game. They will have to come up with a sales target group, create the characters and the game and how to advertise it. The students have learned many skills in the course and this will allow them to put all the skills together. We are sure that the games will be very creative and unique.


In the past week, the students in E class read a story and then had to make a presentation summary of the story. It looks like they had a lot of fun acting the story out.





Have a great week and see you soon!!


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