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Hello. The fall term at HIUC Osaka is going to end soon. Students have about one more week of classes. Then they will have a short break before they start the winter term. The last week of classes will be busy with final writing assignments, presentations, and exams. It will be very busy, but if the students manager their time carefully, they should have no problems.


Last week, we were pretty busy in my listening and speaking class with student presentations. Students had to talk for 8 to 10 minutes about a topic they know about. They also had to use slides in their presentation. We have studied about introductions, so students had to be sure to have good introductions. A good introduction clearly states the topic of the speech, has a preview statement, and most importantly gets the attention of the people in the audience.


All the presentations were interesting and pretty well done. Every student spoke for at least 8 minutes, had interesting slides, and gave the class some interesting information about their topics.


We had different presentations each day. One day there was a presentation about the Apollo program and the first trip to the moon. We saw slides of some of the equipment that the astronauts used to get to the moon and on the moon. We also listened to a speech about the psychology of color. For example, many restaurants use the color red because it makes people want to eat more. We also had a presentation about stars. We learned that the color of the star is influenced by the temperature of the star. We also heard about how stars form and die.


On another day, we listened to presentations about the Senkaku Islands, traditional Korean clothes, tea, and food, and Nankai Trough earthquakes. We learned about omija tea and corn tea from Korean, and we learned how to put a chima jeogori. We saw how earthquakes are caused, and heard about the possible results of a future earthquake along the Nankai Trough.


We also had a presentation about the history of the abacus. This presentation also talked about the benefits of studying the abacus. On the same day, we learned about the history of comedy movies. We found out what slapstick is and what screwball comedy is. In addition, we learned a little about conspiracy theories and the Illuminati. It was fun to hear some of the ideas that people believe.


Finally, we had a presentation on cavities – what they are and how to fix them. We also learned a little about the fall of the Holy Roman Empire and stress. In the presentation on stress, we learned what some of the signs and symptoms of stress are, and how to reduce our stress.


All in all, the presentations were very interesting. I think everyone could learn something new from the presentations.


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