ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. I hope you are having a good week. Things are getting busier at HIUC Osaka. The students in the American culture class had their mid-term exam last week. They had to write a number of their answers in paragraph and essay format. The questions were based on the content of their lessons, so it was very similar to the type of test they might have at college.


The students in my listening and speaking class told their stories in class. Some of them were really good. They used different voices for the different characters in their stories. They also used a lot of dialogue. That made it easier to imagine what was happening in the story and what the different characters were thinking. Some of them did a good job of changing their voice speed and volume as well. By changing the speed of your voice you can change how the audience feels. The stories were pretty long and the students had to tell their stories without reading. It was a little difficult, but they all did pretty well.


In the reading and writing class, we worked on ‘how to’ paragraphs. These are paragraphs were the goal is to teach someone how to do something. For example, you might tell them how to make a certain recipe like chocolate cake or cookies, or how to do something such as make wine or grow hot peppers. So far, the students have written two official ‘how to’ paragraphs. They wrote about how to give a dog a bath and how to drive a teacher crazy. They had some very original and specific ideas for their how to drive a teacher crazy paragraphs. I think they are all getting better at using specific details in their writing.


Next, we are going to take a look at description paragraphs. In a description paragraph you try to use words and details to make the reader see a picture in their mind of what you are writing about. I think it should be a good challenge for them.

Have a good week.




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