WES's Blog:September 12, 2014




Hello everyone!! How have you been recently?


It has been quite busy here in the last two weeks at HIUC. The students are looking forward to the long weekend and the extra day off the following week.


In the G classes, students have had a lot of homework and activities to prepare for in class. They had to do a presentation on second language acquisition. This means that they had to research good ways to learn another language. They seemed very interested in this topic as they could see how it would help them improve their English. Students also challenged their first debate today and a group discussion about the novel they are reading. The debate topic was if people should eat meat. This was a formalized debate with two sides. Both sides had to present their points in a certain time, then argue against the other side’s points, and finally give a conclusion. The students found the debate challenging, but it will help them get ready for classes when they go overseas. Also to help them, they did a group discussion on The Pearl. One student was the leader of the discussion. He was responsible for making sure that the topic was correct and that everyone was speaking and involved. The teacher let the students talk and made notes on any points which might have been unclear. It was great to see the detail and extra thinking the students did. The discussion was actually fairly natural with people speaking randomly. Previously, in discussions, students often move from one person to the next in a circular order. This will probably be similar to what they will experience in university.



Today, the E class also held a discussion, and this was about women’s rights. They talked about how women’s roles have changed at work and how some job names have changed, for example, policeman -> police officer, fireman -> fire fighter and stewardess -> flight attendant/cabin attendant. The E class had to finish a paragraph. The topic was how a foreigner should effectively learn Japanese. Students decided the best way and what steps were needed for a person to learn Japanese. Next week, they will be giving a speech on a woman they respect. This woman must be a person in their life, not a celebrity because they have to interview the person directly.


Have a great long weekend and we will see you soon!