we have a couple of new teachers this semester.



The last few weeks have been exciting at HIUC. We have many students who have gone abroad in the summer, who have just finished off their ESL courses and are beginning to take university courses.


One of our students was kind enough to send some photos of the campus at her SUNY school. It looks like a beautiful area and we wanted to share the view with you.


In HIUC, we have a couple of new teachers this semester. Both ladies are from the US, so our students can hear American, British and Canadian accents. They are doing really well in the classroom and students are enjoying the lessons. One of the ladies is teaching students how to use Prezi. It is a new kind of presentation software. According to her, it is much faster to use and make than other presentation programs. The students also like it as it is more animated, and the screen can turn and rotate to different points which is interesting for the audience. We will be asking some students if they are willing to show you their presentations, and if we can find some people, we’ll post the link. We hope you can share in their creativity.


Have a really great week and we look forward to sharing HIUC news with you next time!