TOEFL seminar

0WES 講師 HIUC東京校

Hello everyone!! I hope you are all enjoying the nice hot weather. What are your summer plans? Are you hanging out with friends, going to the beach, staying inside and enjoying the air conditioning, shopping or going to Disneyland?


Our students are currently enjoying their summer holiday. Our semester finished on June 18, and students have a one month break. They might be doing some of the activities mentioned at the beginning of the blog, and they are also doing summer homework. Students have to do a listening activity every day and write down new vocabulary or grammar. They also have to read two books and make a book report. Finally they have to write 6-8 paragraphs on different topics.


Some of the students were even busier. We just held a special nine day TOEFL seminar. Students could choose either the ITP paper based test or the iBT computer test. Many students joined and they learned a lot of TOEFL vocabulary, grammar and most importantly how to answer the different types of questions quickly and correctly. Although some people were a little tired because of the amount of information, most of the students could see their improvement as they did each mini-test. We have two TOEFL tests this month. One was yesterday and the other is on August 6, 2014. Good luck to everyone taking the test and we hope you all improve a lot.


The other exciting news is some of our students who were here last year visited us earlier this month. They are about to leave Japan in a couple of weeks. Some people have not packed yet and are still deciding what to take in their suitcase. However, they are all excited to be finally going at last. We can’t wait to hear from them in the future about their lives overseas.


Enjoy the summer and we hope you decide to join us in the fall semester!!




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