July 20th Blog

Hello again everyone.  We have had some stormy days recently and it has been very hot and humid recently. We can also say that it is muggy (hot and humid), so hopefully you are all healthy and staying cool.

We have finished the summer semester last Friday. The students worked really hard this semester but especially in the last two weeks. There were many presentations in all classes and some final exams. In the writing classes, there were final paragraphs and essays. Students in the F class also had to make a brochure promoting organic vegetables and they did an amazing job. The pamphlets were very creative and entertaining.

The highlight of the week was the party held on the last day. The students from all classes got to eat and drink with each other. They all performed a role play in English which was really impressive. In their groups they had to make a funny story with everyone in their group in fifteen minutes, and then they had to present their role-play to the other groups. We had funny news stories, happy students doing a dance, a game show, a classroom, and many stories about the teachers. The students then voted on the best presentation and the winning team got a prize. The teachers gave out awards for the summer semester and then a lot of photos were taken.

Next week is also exciting. We are holding three TOEFL classes for students. The students will learn about the test and how to be more successful on the test. They will learn how to answer certain types of questions and how to improve their speed. The seminar is 9 days and hopefully everyone will learn a lot to help them on their next test.

Have a great summer vacation and keep studying and practicing your English!!




【既卒生対象】海外大学進学科8月期生 受付終了迫る!