ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. The last couple of weeks at HIUC Osaka were filled with surprises. A few of our old students came to visit us. The teachers and staff were really happy to see them and find out how they have been doing. I had a chance to talk to most of them. In this blog and the next, I will write a little about their stories.

First, I had a chance to meet Miyu again. She recently graduated from SUNY Genesee Community College in New York. She studied graphic design when she was there. She showed me a portfolio of the work she had done in her courses. It was really interesting to see. She showed me some of the advertisements she had made for various concerts, shows, and exhibitions that were held at her school. I had a lot of fun talking to her about her designs and the events that they were for.


She also told me lots of stories about what she did in the US. For example, she made an ad for a fashion show at her school, and then she was in the show too. She was one of the models in the fashion show. I thought that was a pretty exciting experience. Not many people get a chance to be a model in a fashion show. She also had a chance to act in a short commercial. She was one of the actresses in the commercial and the editor. She used her digital camera to shoot the ad. Then she used the software that they were studying in school to create a one-minute commercial. She said it was a fun experience.


She also talked about the friends she made in the US and how nice her professors were. If she had questions about class, she would talk to her professors after class or go to their office hours. Then she would ask them her questions, and they would give her answers. It sounded like she had some really caring teachers and some nice classmates. I was glad that I could meet her and hear her stories.